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Posted on 30 May 2011

  • X factor (GLOW)
  • Pores: Minimal(less than 25 per cent area of face)
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ong>Evenness of colour: depends on photo type

  • Clarity: Very good
  • Texture: normal tunrover cycle
  • Normal skin is the easiest kind of skin to work with in terms of attaining a glow.There are fewwer pores and the skin has good clarity and texture, and although those with darker skin may be prone to patchy pigmentation, a balanced diet with appropriate sun protection can prevent this. If you have this kind of skin,most of the skin foods will benefit you, including the ACE vitamins and antioxidants. To find out more click here.Women with this skin may notice that their skin becomes a little oily around the time of their period and can accordingly alter skin products during this time and increase the carotenoids in food.
    Highly recommended foods: Glow soup, three colour Brown Rice Pulao.
    • X factor(GLOW)
    • Pores: visible and evident(at least 40 per cent area of face)
    • Evenness of colours: depends on photo types
    • Clarity: poor;skin is shiny
    • Texture: delayed turnover cycle
    If you have oily skin, the good news is that since your skin starts troubling you early on, you also start seeking help sooner. Someone with oily skin typically has a shiny face, generously dotted with enlarged pores, and visible oil secretion. This is often accompanied by breaouts on the
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    nose, chin, cheeks and forehead. In extereme cases, this may actually turn into acne or pimples.

    Oily skin needs help in choosing the right skin care products. It is important to avoid heavy or creamy moisturizing cream and ointments. A mildly exfoliating face wash, a toner and a lightweight suncreen should be part of your daily routine.

    Vitamin A is a big help in controlling oil production on the skin. So, heve lots of deeply coloured red and orange vegetables and fruits like papaya, carrots and mangoes. You could also drink green tea which provides antioxidants that help and lemons are a must because Votamin C helps in tightening pores by strenghening the collagen around the pores.
    Highly recommended foods: Swarnam Shorba, Mango Shrikhand, Bean and Vegetable Salad, Gree Glow Tea.
    This is skin type which has a little bit of everything. oiliness around the T-Zone, seasonal dryness on the cheeks, occasional flaking in winter, are all features of combination skin. In order to achieve the X factor on this type of skin, you need to reduce the pores and exfoliate the skin.
    You could use a mild cleanser on your face, along with a toner only in the T-zone. A sunscreen lotion works well during the day, and a light moisturizer after cleaning your face at night.
    In order to regularize the texture of your skin, you should make sure to include protein in your daily diet. The right fats
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    through nuts and dairy products will also help bring a glow to the face.

    Highly recommended foods: Tofu in spinach, Carrot and Almond Soup.

    People with dry skin have it easier when they are younger. They escape all the teenage acne angst but the moment they reach their mid twenties, the skin starts to feel stretched and looks lifeless and pinched. After washing your face, the skin probably feels tight and doesn’t seem to glow at all. The good thing is that there are no pores, and if you do start to see pores on your face, it should be viewed as an initial sigh of aging. If you are of this skin type you are also more prone to fine lines around the eyes accompanied by dry skin.
    Adding moisture to the skin id the sigle point agenda for anyone with this skin. You should wash your face with a very light soap free cleaner followed by a moisturizing sunscreen during the day and a nourishing moisturizer at night.
    In terms of your diet, plenty of water is a must. In addition, essential fatty acids, Vitamins E and C and soya are essential add ons to the diet. Olive oil is a goog oil to incorporate into the diet, as well as healthy nuts and beans.
    Highly recommended foods: Fruit and Nut Smoothie, Tofu Cutlets with Dipping Sauce.
    • Consume a protein rich diet- meat, fish, poultry, eggs, soya, nuts, dals, legumes.
    • Do not Consume a high carbohydrate diet- limit your intake of corn, peas, white rich, pasta, potatoes, sweets, desserts.
    • Have juice made with tomato, gree turmeric, beetroot, spinach, carrot daily.
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    • Eat a variety of seasonal friuts, at east 3 daily. Have papaya at least 4 times a week.
    • Reduce intake of fat- avoid fried foods and highly seasoned foods.
    • Eat a diet that is high in fibre.
    • Cheap

    • Include a raw salad in every meal.
    • Have juice made with watermelon and sweet lime.
    • Use whole grain breads,

      wheat bran etc.

    • Eat a variety of seasonal fruits. at least 3 daily. Have papaya and pears at least 4 times a week.
    • Eat 1 tsp of ground flaxseeds every day. These have to be freshly ground, or they get spoiled, and consumed raw. You can grind a small quantity, refrigerate and consume over 3-4 days. Sprinkle over salad, in raitas ot consume with yoghurt.
    • Drink plenty of water.
    • Eat a balanced diet that includes vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts.
    • Consume quality protien from vegetable sources-soya, nuts and legumes.

    • Eat a variety of seasonal fruits, at least 3 daily. Eat grapes regularly.
    • Eat 2-3 almonds daily. soaked overnight in water. Also eat 2-3 walnuts daily.
    • Eat 1 tsp of ground flaxseeds every day. These have to be freshly ground, or they get spoiled and consumed raw. Yo can grind a small quantity, refrigerate and consume over 3-4 days. Sprinkle over salad, in raitas or consume with yoghurt.
    • Drink plenty of water.
    So for, we have looked at and understood our skin and the factors that contribute to its general appearance, glow and youthfulness. Let us now look at food its relation to the skin.

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