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FAQ’s On Asthma

Posted on 11 March 2010

After jogging a short distance, my breathing becomes sildenafil citrate 100mg quicker – the same as anyone else when they run – and is noticeably shallow. Each breath takes in less and less air, as the lungs rebel against the exertion and begin to constrict my bronchial tubes. A feeling of panic begins to set in when I realize that it is becoming more difficult to exhale than to inhale. I try and relax and focus just on the breathing, trying to believe that I’m going to live through this one – hoping that the inhaler I’ve taken will start to work soon, and keep me going until the attack subsides.

If you can relate with the above experience then refer to these points-

What is asthma?

Asthma is a disease that affects tadalafil cialis preço the air passageways of the lungs. It is a disease with two main componentsai??i??constriction, which is the narrowing cialis online prices of the airways caused by muscles tightening around them, and inflammation, which is swelling of the airways.


Why should I take inhalers? Habit-forming? Last-resort?

Inhalation therapy i.e. giving medicine via inhaler is the best mode of treatment for asthma since a very small dose of medicine is required, acts quickly in the lungs to take control of symptoms and, at the same time, does not have any side effects on the patient. It should be started as soon as the doctor diagnoses asthma, in order to get early control over asthma. The inhalation medication has to be continued for a longer period buy finasteride 1 mg online cialis once a day reviews of time so as to take care of the underlying swelling in the air tubes. Is asthma a condition that stops and starts? Or is it something that is always there?

Buy The underlying parts of the disease, especially the inflammation, can be there, even in the absence of symptoms. It is important, therefore, to treat preventativelyai??i??to prevent symptoms from occurring in the first place, rather than waiting until symptoms become so bad that what could have been a minor problem becomes an emergency.

How long do I need to take the medicine?

One of the reasons is that people who have asthma view it as something they get, cialis 3 day pill not something that is always with them, even when they are not having symptoms. So, as soon as the symptoms go away, they may stop taking their controller medications, not realizing that the underlying swelling in the air tubes requires daily and long-term treatment.

Can asthmatic patients lead a normal life?

There’s been a lot of effort on the part of people who care for patients with asthma to get the message out that asthma is a problem that can be controlledai??i??that with good where to buy viagra in singapore care, you can do most of the things that a person without asthma can do.We need to get the message out very clearly that managing asthma well can make a big difference. And that you don’t have to have

a life that’s impaired. Asthma can be well controlled in the majority of patients.

People with asthma shouldn’t exercise.

The exercise activity you get by stretching the lungs and the bronchial tubes is actually something that can help asthma in the long run. People who exercise regularly, or who even need medication to help them exercise, generally need fewer controller medications over time to manage their asthma.

Does every asthmatic child have breathlessness?

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It is not unusual for asthma to only cause a cough and no breathlessness. Although a case can be made that how fast does cialis kick in more asthma involves a cough than a wheeze, generally coughs and wheezes have been treated as a tip of the iceberg. They are treated because that is what is seen and they are often treated with cough suppressants or antibiotics for bronchitis rather than searching for an underlying cause.

Can it occur even in the first few years of life?

Yes, asthma can occur even in the first few months of life, particularly if there are respiratory infections from cigarette smoke exposure. If asthma comes on only during the infection and seems to resolve completely between the infections, then that is the type of asthma that children might outgrow by the time they start school. Also, dust mite allergy is the no. 1 cause for asthma so it’s important to know whether your child has this allergy. If so, parents should use precautionary control measures for that child within the bedroom to reduce his exposure to dust mites.

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Cheap What measures should be taken within the house?

It means maintaining the type of environment children have when they are babies and toddlers. That is keeping the mattress, pillow clean and dust-free, washing the blankets on the beds every two weeks in hot water, vacuuming the carpet every week or keeping the floor bare, and limiting the number of stuffed animals in the room to no more than a couple that can be washed in hot water every two weeks.

What could be the possible cause of my asthma?

Most significant is genetic family history. If one parent has allergy and/or asthma, the child has at least a 35 to 50% chance of developing allergy and asthma themselves and if both parents have allergy or asthma the risk goes up to 80%.

From which triggers do I need precaution from and also keep my children away, so that, they do not have asthma?

online I think it is important to divide triggers into two categories. There are those triggers that actually cause asthma and those triggers that aggravate the asthma that is already there. There would no longer be triggers if you can deal with the ones that cause asthma.

Is Pills yoga helpful for asthmatics?

Medical research has shown that yoga significantly helps asthma sufferers, with exercises specifically designed to expand the lungs, promote deep breathing, and reduce stress. Pranayama is the science of breathing, which includes hundreds of deep breathing techniques. These breathing exercises should be done daily as part online pharmacies viagra of any treatment program for asthma, as they are a very effective and inexpensive measure.

Can I stop taking my medicine when I feel good and don’t have any symptoms?

You should only stop taking a medication when you have been instructed to do so by your doctor. If you have asthma, you should not stop taking long-term controller medication when you feel well. You feel well and don’t have symptoms or problems breathing because the medicine is working. However, you should not take quick sildenafil 50 mg mk relief medicine when you feel well, it should only be used as needed when you have symptoms or problems breathing or as pre-treatment before exercise. buy myambutol manufacturer

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