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Elements of an asthmatic attack

Posted on 10 March 2011

Typically, there are four elements of an asthmatic attack:

  1. Contraction of the muscles: The muscles of the bronchi contract and airways inside the bronchi therefore become narrow. Contraction of the bronchi is called bronchopasm. The severity of bronchopasm varies from person to person and depends on the severity of the attack. If the attack is severe, bronchopasm is also severe. It causes difficulty in breathing and results in wheezing and coughing. Purchase online
  2. Increased mucus secretion: During an attack of asthma, the glands of the inner lining of the respiratory passages secrete large amount of mucus which is thicker than normal mucus. Secretion of mucus is a protective step the body takes against the irritant that has caused the asthmatic attack. In asthma, the mucus clumps together in the respiratory passages and blocks them partially.
  3. Coughing: Coughing is a spontaneous reaction of the body to expel excessive mucus in the respiratory passages. You cough when the pressure built up in these passages explodes with a

    rush of air. Normally, thin hair – like projections on the inner lining of the respiratory passages remove excessive mucus or irritants that you breath in. If the secretions are very thick,

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    these hair-like projections cannot expel them and therefore the body responds by coughing. Use the following source to get more informationFormation. of very thick mucus plugs or complete blockage of the smaller airways (bronchioles) results in the inability to expel mucus, and therefore in dry cough.

  4. Wheezing: Most people thing wheezing is the main symptom of asthma. Wheezing develops when the air is pushed through narrowed respiratory passages very forcefully while breathing out. The normal process of breathing out involves narrowing of the respiratory passages. If these passages are already narrow, further narrowing requires increased effort to squeeze the air out. Normally, the duration of breathing in and out is the same, but during an attack of asthma, the duration of breathing out is longer. Wheezing is accompanied by a whistling sound caused by the expelling of air through the narrow bronchioles.

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