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Diet plans for for your better health

Posted on 31 May 2011

Being vegetarian does not mean your diet is lacking in protein. Most plant foods contain protein and, in fact, it would be very difficult to design a vegetarian diet that is short on protein. As excess dietary protein may also lead to health problems, it is now thought that one of the benefits of a vegetarian diet is that it contains adequate but not excessive protein.
Good sources of protein for vegetarians include nuts and seed, pulses, soya products(tofu, soya milk and textured soya protein such as soya mince), creals( wheat, ots, and rice), eggs and some dairy products(milk, cheese and youhurt).
Protein quality is usually defined according to the amino acid pattern of eggs protein, which is regarded as the ideal potein. As such, it is not surprising that

animal sildenafil proteins, like meat, milk and cheese tend to be of a higher protein quality than plant proteins.This is why plant proteins used to be sometimes referred to as low quality or class 2 proteins, a terminology that is now fairly passe. This is because combining plant proteins, like a grain with a pulse, created a high quality protein which is just as good as animal protein, and in some cases even better, because thay definitely contain higher beauty benefits.At this site you can get more detailed info about what time is the canadian grand prix on tv . This is known as protein complementing. Vegetarians and vegans who eat a well balanced diet based on grains, pulses, seeds, uts and vegetables, consume a mixture of protein that complement one another naturally without requiring any planning. Beans with bread, kindly beans with rice, cheese or peanut butter sandwich, muesli with milk(soya or cow’s) are all common examoles of protein complementing.

Previously, it was commonly believed that protein complementing needed to occur within a single meal. However, this is not necessary because the body keeps a short-term store of the essential amino acids. A well- balanced vegetarian or vegan diet will easily supply all the protien and essential amino acids needed by the body and ensure that the skin and hair retain their strenght and youthful appearance at all times.


Puffy bags under your eyes, especially in the morning, may indicate a lack of protein. Water retention, general puffiness around your eyes, as well as swollen ankles, face, and hands, can result from a protein deficiency.

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Your nails are predominantly made of protein not calcium, as the common belief. A protein deficiency can be marked by split, extremely thin nails. Nails that fail to grow quickly lack protein.
Your hair follicle is also made of protein. L-Cysteine and L-Methionine are the sulpher amino acids that from keratin, which is the protein tructure of hair. Studies heve shown that supplementing with L-Cysteine may prevent hair from falling out, as well as increase the diameter of the hair shaft. These amino acids have been found to increase hair growth by as much as 100 per cent. Egg yolk contains the highest amount of these two amino acids.
Thus we see that diets deficient in protein actuallydeliver a triple whammy. They contribute to poorer qualiy of skin and hair and they hasten the process of aging. It is important to remeber and it is ideal to eat some protein in every meal.

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